Students were asked to design and make a system and object that displayed properties of periodicity. Periodicity occurs when the same pattern of events is seen to run through a higher development as has been contained in a corresponding pattern from… Continue Reading →

Breaking Bread

The first project of the new De-Computation elective year was about ceremony and food. The students were asked to design a ritual, and design the food for that ritual. Food is a common part of ritual actions, from the communion wafers… Continue Reading →


Decomputation took a sensory turn over the last term and, calling itself DeSense, created work for the London festival Open Senses. Our interest in human and non-human senses echoes the work we did on the Pigeon Sensorium last year and… Continue Reading →

Decomputing the Pigeon Sensorium

Animal computer interaction is a growing field, much of it pioneered in the UK by Dr Clara Mancini at the Open University. On the occasion of the first stand alone conference of ACI she invited De-Comp students to produce work… Continue Reading →

Robot Emotions

We were invited to show some work at State Festival in Berlin on the theme of machine emotions. This project asked students to design and make working examples of physical artefacts that evoked elicited observed or suppressed particular emotions. Thinking particularly… Continue Reading →


The first brief of the term coined the term tastification to evoke both gamification and to frame the project as concerned with representation. Students were asked to identify a data set and represent it using food. This approach has recently… Continue Reading →


Taking atmosphere to mean both the physical layer of gases around the earth, and the mood or ambience of an environment, this brief required students to design a way of measuring atmospheric conditions and then create an experience from the resulting data…. Continue Reading →

Soundobject 3

The last few designs described here are another diverse set of ideas shown as working prototypes. Many of these are to do with transposition, and mappings between media and modes. Group 11, Shobhan Shah, Tessa Silva-Dawson, Bettina Pozzo Di Borgo, and Martijn… Continue Reading →

Soundobject 1

In a repeat of the De-Computation collaboration with Design Products, we ran the Soundobject brief again this year. Generously supported by home sound pioneers Sonos, students worked in groups to produce a physical artefact in just three weeks. The brief asked… Continue Reading →

Hacking Adventure Play

Inspired by the wonderful Assemble Architects project at Baltic Street Adventure Playground, this brief involved synthesising two very different approaches to play. On one hand adventure play; loose, free, uncontrolled, open air. On the other, computer games; structured, played indoors, competitive, commercial…. Continue Reading →

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